19 July

Neighborhood Spotlight: Chakradwarabandham

Andhra Pradesh has seen some robust development in its infrastructure in the past few years. This has boosted up the enthusiasm of real estate investors in finding out new investment options in various locations of the state. Vizag and Vijayawada are two of the largest cities of Andhra Pradesh after Hyderabad have been shifted into a Telangana state. These cities are developing at an aggressive pace and thus are becoming the favorites of the investors.

Chakradwarabandham is one such developing localities that is situated in the middle of these two cities of Vijag and Vijayawada (179 km away from Vizag and 172 km away from Vijayawada). This place has lately attracted the attention of real estate investors and thus it is witnessing fast development.

The locality comes under the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and there are already many real estate projects in the process. From reputed educational institutions to proper hospitals, this place can offer everything that would contribute to the process of living a stress-free life.

Why should you consider investing in Chakradwarabandham?

Below are some of the strong reasons that will compel you to consider a real estate investment in Chakradwarabandham.

A fast developing locality

The government has taken some serious initiatives in bringing up all-round development in the locality of Chakradwarabandham. There are well-constructed roads that connect the locality to the different parts of the city. Schools and colleges have been built so that education is not compromised. Healthcare units and hospitals are at close proximity for immediate medical assistance.

Good connection with various cities

As already discussed, Chakradwarabandham has been just in between the route connecting Vijayawada and Vizag. Rajahmundry, another developing town of Andhra Pradesh is just 15 km away from the locality. Thus, all types of amenities can be accessed by the residents of this locality.

Budgeted investment options

The locality is still in the phase of developing and offers properties at a very reasonable rate. It is a perfect example of small investments yielding great returns. The pace at which the place has been developed, the price of the properties is yet to increase in the near future.

Important locations at close proximities

  • National Highway 5 is just 1.5 km away
  • 1 km from Rajanagaram
  • Nannaya University at a distance of 1.5 km
  • Lenora Dental College approximately 1.7 km away
  • 2 km away from GIET Engineering College
  • GSL Medical College near about 1.6 km away
  • Rajahmundry Bus Stand 13 km from the locality

In Chakradwarabandham, Chandrika Avanthika has become a popular landmark and offering fine homes. Developed in a wide area of 5 acres, the housing community comprises of 480 apartments featuring 2 BHK and 3 BHK. The builder is offering the flats at a very reasonable rate that can easily fit into the budget of a common man.

The housing community is very close to NH5 and there are some well-renowned educational institutes and hospitals nearby. Therefore if you have been searching for a good real estate investment option in Chakradwarabandham then there can be no other better than Chandrika Avanthika.



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