18 June

Gannavaram emerges as a profitable
investment pocket in Vijayawada

Staying true to South India’s philosophy of rapid progress and urbanization, Gannavaram today is one of the most lucrative places to invest in right now. Surrounded by lofty buildings and warmth that is rare in any metropolis this place is teeming with social capital that is surely going to make your life a lot easier.

Why Gannavaram is a good place to invest today?

With the reorganization of Andhra Pradesh, the stars of business are shining brightly on Gannavaram. When the government declared that the capital will be shifted Vijayawada, there was a huge rush on the part of the investing population. Gannavaram is one of the most eminent locations to invest in. This place has become an epicenter for government and IT personnel. There are talks undergoing between the center and state to transform the Vijayawada Airport into an international one.

That is probably going to skyrocket Gannavaram into fame. Apart from this a specialty IT Park that goes by the name of Medha Towers is attracting the best IT professionals and as such, there is going to be an influx of people from other states. The fact that Gannavaram falls on NH5 makes connectivity easier with mainland Vijaywada and never gives you the feeling that it is isolated. Plots of 100-300 square yards approved by VGTM-UDA in Gannavaram are priced between 5-30 lakhs while other available properties in Vijayawada are way beyond a common man’s budget.

Why should you buy your first flat with Raki Avenue?

A typical house marks the climax in a person’s life but here at Raki Avenues, buying a house with them marks a new beginning. Raki Avenue is a South Andhra oriented Real Estate firm, has earned widespread fame for embarking into new ventures with ingenious ideas. They have been known for creating a regal set-up for your families to realize the goals of your life. Creating a mark in the lives of their clients and for the community at large has been the company’s standing motive for a long time now.

Every step with Raki Avenue is going to make the process of acquiring property and life after that simpler and seamless and much for relaxing. Even though it has faith in wealth creation, yet the primary motive remains that of helping people acquire their dream homes on a regular basis. It is especially this dictate that helped them win the hearts of several customers in a short time. They treat human beings as strong assets and not subordinates but equal shareholders in happiness and prosperity.

The CMD of Raki Group has a vision of seeing the company’s name resonate across the length and breadth of the country and to provide millions of people job opportunities in the process. Their most famed ventures include the Chandra Manikya, Chandrika Amogh, and Parampara.

They quintessentially want to provide people the best of homes at the most feasible prices as they continue to uphold the true spirit of a business-driven forward by strong values.



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