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RAKI group is the emerging leader in AP state in real estate and Construction sector with major interests in building smartly designed apartments and villas providing luxury in compact format in strategic locations in Rajamahendravaram, Vijayawada and Amalapuram.

For over 24 years, RAKI group has been striving hard to offer the best of class housing at cost efficient prices with exemplary customer satisfaction.at a time when the cost of building materials is on the continuous rise, Raki group is offering dream homes to the middle class sections of society at prices beyond anybody’s imagination, thus responding to the Aspirations of newly emerging middle class customers.

RAKI though believes in wealth creation for reinvestment in reality, it is not the main motto, but to offer as many dream houses to millions as possible on sustained basis.it is this philosophy of Raki group that had won the Appreciation of all ustomers.At Raki, we say again and again that our dream Homes are forever.

At Raki, we consider our Human Resources as our assets and we bet on them. They are always treated as our stake holders and real good partners in progress. Together we have built our Raki group and our Agenda with them is growth, growth and growth.


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Sri. R.VENU Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Ramaiah Venu, Chairman and Managing Director of Raki Avenues Private Limited, with 24 years experience is a legend in his own lifetime in Real Estate and Construction Sector and being a visionary, he has created and is continuing to create housing projects at affordable prices in Rajamahendravaram, Amalapuram and Vijayawada (Gannavaram). He has the unique distinction of creating even Luxury and Super-Luxury housing projects on a selective basis to the elite group as well. Raki Group is now emerging as an unchallenged leader in Real Estate and Construction Sector in AP state and is now planning to expand their activities to pan India as well very soon. Raki Group has always believed and continues to believe in value driven business.

The CMD of Raki Group has set the most admirable and Noble Credo for the group and they are:

• Raki Avenues as a brand should resound in Pan India starting from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal as Ramanamam (Name of Lord Rama) forever is the ambition of Raki Group.

• To provide employment to millions of people is the desire of Raki Group.

• To make millions of people as Crorepathis through Raki Group as its destination.

Raki Group has most admired projects either completed or in the process of completion or in the process of starting the construction. The most prestigious venture of Raki Group include Chandrika Manikya, Chandrika Amogh, Chandrika Avanthika Phase – I & Phase – II, Chandrika Savithri, Chandrika Vilaasini, Chandrika Parampara, Chandrika Lifestyle, Chandrika Smartcity, Chandrika Apuroop, Sukruthi Phase – I & Phase – II, Chandrika Ayodhyaa Phase – I & Phase – II, and Chandrika Maaya.

The essence of all the projects of Raki Group is to provide Dream Homes with luxury in Compact Format and at affordable prices. It is this value and philosophy that have been the guiding spirit behind the Raki Group, all along.

About Raki Group


After graduation in Bangalore, he entered into real-estate business in Karnataka and went on to spread the activities in Andhra Pradesh state in a big way and over the 24years, he has emerged as a celebrated leader in real estate and construction sector. He has made monumental contribution to the society by offering dream homes with luxury in compact format at affordable prices and RAKI group has become the darling of middle class people because of imaginative and cost efficient prices for dream homes, trust transparency and time bound deliveries. He has over these 24 years ensured exemplary customer satisfaction through his tireless efforts in pre and post-sales service. As chairman and Managing Director he has been leading RAKI group to even greater heights through his visionary spirit.


She is the lucky charm of RAKI group and hence all the residential projects so far have a prefix of Chandrika before the name of the project. Being a well groomed lady and being the promoter Director of Raki group, she has been lending her services to the company in various areas of the business. Reputed for her grace and kindness, she has brought lot of value to the firm and today she stands tall in the group for her clear thinking, acting and directing.


An emeritus professor in an engineering college and an expert in H.R.(Human Resources),he has been the H.R advisor to RAKI Group for a long time. A creative genius and a great avatar, he has been guest lecturing at various firms including colleges, universities, business firms. Being an academician himself he presents contemporary good practices in business to the employees of RAKI group and joins in the presentation of various project centric brochures, booklets etc. from time to time. Raki group immensely values his association with the group.


A very young CEO of Raki group, she has done her post graduation (MS) in Real Estate in London. Having been oriented by her legendary father Sri. Rmaiah Venu garu from her younger days, she developed deep love for management of Real estate and construction business. Being an enthusiastic learner she is willing to learn contemporary practices in Real Estate and construction business. Ever since, she took over the reins of Raki Group at Vijayawada, she has been striving hard to deliver world-class homes to the needy sections of society with laser focus on providing best of class pre and post sales services. She is directly responsible for the promotions of Chandrika Ayodhyaa Phase I and II residential apartment’s projects in Gannavaram. The run-away success of these two projects is because of her extraordinary marketing skills.


A bright young graduate and post graduate in Structural Engineering and a gold medalist, he has been rendering award winning services to the first class builders over the years and being the engineer in chief and project head of Raki group, he has been leading the planning , execution of all residential projects in AP state and in this capacity ,he has shown extra ordinary talent in providing world class designs focusing on smartness and luxury in compact format. He is a replica for modern society aspirations and therefore all his creations reflect contemporary designs followed world over. He is today considered as moving encyclopedia on structural designs of residential ventures and for Raki group, he is a crown jewel.


A young budding executive and holder of Masters degree in business Administration he has grown with Raki group over the years. Today he leads supply chain and Finance functions in his own inimitable way. Strict disciplinarian himself expects all round discipline in all area of business. He loves his job so much that he has become an inseparable part of Raki group. His interpersonal relations with suppliers, service providers is phenomenal and they all value him as a great trust worthy company senior executive. He is known for very fast implementations of directions of upper management.


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quality policy

We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality work, by providing the most innovative & creative high profile projects. It is a Real Estate company providing latest technology expertise by maintaining quality, price with best service. Ethical values, uncompromising business ethics and transparency in all transactions have contributed us to earn the trust of our customers.


At Raki group, our managers do not drive the business. It is values of Raki that drive the business successfully. We value customer relationship so much that we ensure to make the customers as our real partners in growth saga.


1. Out standing customer satisfaction is our compelling driving force.

2. Relationship with our customers is not from transaction to transaction, It is bonding for ever.

3. At Raki, we strive to response to the changing aspirations of modern society.

4. Raki strives to offer smartly designed homes for a joyful living in pollution free, enviromental friendly green enviroms.



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